Staff and Board of Directors


Main Office                                                                  319-273-2479
Manager Leitha Aten
Loan Officer/Collections Sherry Kinsel
Member Service Rep (MSR)
Team Leader
Jean Stark
Loan Officer/MSR Sara Shaw-Keve
MSR Ericca Payne
MSR Lesley Jernigan
Operations Lois Snell
General Office Mary Krogh
Mortgage Specialist Dawn Saterfield
Part-time MSR Caitlin Allan


Chairman Gary Shontz
Vice-Chairman Bill McKinley
President/CFO J. Michael Entz
Audit Chair
Mary K. Christ
Secretary Linda Nielsen
Audit Committee Michael Zwanziger
Credit Committee Latricia Hylton
Board of Directors W. Mickey Johnson
Delinquent Loan Chair Melissa Beall
Credit/Personnel Committee Gayle Pohl
Audit/Personnel Committee Rubina Chowdhury



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